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WP Series

WP Series

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WP Series WP-6500J is a portable typewriter from the basic to memory versions. Perfect for a quick label or envelope to professional looking letters. It is designed to thrive on a busy workload.
Ink Cartridges for WP Series
WP-6500J 5141 WP-7800J 5151 WP-6400J 5140
WP-7550J Plus 5145 WP-7500J 5150 WP-7000 5148
WP-6700CJ 5142 WP-7550 J Whisperwriter 5139 WP II 5152
WP-7550J 5144 WP-6550 J Whisperwriter 5147 WP-7400J 5143
WP-7700CJ 5146 WP-7000J 5149

Brother Ink Cartridges WP Series Ink Cartridges

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