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Fax Series

Fax Series

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Fax Series
Toner Cartridges for Fax Series
Fax 1170L 15973 Fax 2210L 15974 Fax 2000L 12700
Fax 3900L 12704 Fax 1180L 12705 Fax 1400L 12696
Fax 1750 MP 12679 Fax 2050L 12701 Fax 2700L 12683
Fax 4800L 12694 Fax 1700L 12678 Fax 1800 L 12697
Fax 2500L 12681 Fax 2600L 12682 Fax 3200L 12688
Fax 3700L 12690 Fax 1800LF 12698 Fax 1900L 12699
Fax 2800DI 12684 Fax 2800L 12685 Fax 2900L 12702
Fax 3000L 12686 Fax 3100L 12687 Fax 3500L 12689
Fax 4700L 12693 Fax 5600L 12695 Fax 2900Li 12703
Fax 3800L 12691 Fax 2400L 12680 Fax 4500L 12692

Ricoh Laserjet Printer Fax Series Toner Cartridges

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Buying tips

Buying Tips

:: Cartridge Definitions

  • OEM Cartridge - An OEM Cartridge is one made by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM. If you own a Hewlett-Packard Laserjet printer, then the Hewlett-Packard brand is the OEM cartridge for your printer
  • Compatible Toner Cartridge - A compatible toner cartridge is made by a 3rd party manufacturer and is made up of all new compatible parts. It is similar in quality to a OEM cartridge.
  • Remanufactured Toner Cartridge - A remanufactured toner cartridge is when a remanufacturer takes an original oem cartridge, disassembles it, tests and replaces any worn parts, fills it with toner and re-assembles.

:: What is Page Yield?

  • Page yield is the number of pages that you can print with a printer cartridge. It is also known as ink / toner cartridge yield. Page yield is one of the factors you should consider when purchasing a printer cartridge. Some printer cartridge manufacturers use general terms such as standard yield or high yield to describe the cartridges, but each printer cartridge model should have a page yield (the number of pages it can print under standard conditions). It gives the consumers an estimate of the cost per page (CPP) for that cartridge. Other than page yield, you should also consider factors such as the price, print quality, reliability, warranty, etc. when purchasing a printer cartridge.

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Item #: Ricoh 412672

Price: $49.99

In Stock. Usually Ships Same Business Day

Ricoh 412672 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge

  • - Condition: New Compatible
  • - Page Yield: 3500
  • - Color: Black
  • - Printer Technology: Toner Cartridge
  • - Item Number: 412672

- OEM Part#: 412672

Ricoh 412672
New Compatible
Toner Cartridge



Item #: Ricoh 412672 OEM

Price: $109.99

In Stock. Usually Ships Same Business Day

OEM Ricoh 412672 Original Black Toner Cartridge

Ricoh 412672 Original Black Toner Cartridge

  • - Condition: OEM
  • - Page Yield: 3500
  • - Color: Black
  • - Printer Technology: Toner Cartridges
  • - Item Number: 412672 OEM

- OEM Part#: 412672 OEM

Ricoh 412672 OEM
Toner Cartridges
412672 OEM



Out of Stock

Ricoh 413460 Compatible Black Toner Cartridge High Yield

  • - Condition: New Compatible
  • - Page Yield: 4000
  • - Color: Black
  • - Printer Technology: Toner Cartridge
  • - Item Number: 413460 BK

- OEM Part#: 413460 BK

Ricoh 413460 BK
New Compatible
Toner Cartridge
413460 BK



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