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How to Recycle Ink and Toner Cartridges during Festivities

During festivities the last thing you think about is recycling in any and all its forms. Learn some recycling tips, ideas not only for cartridges but for other stuff in all important festivities such as St. Patrick’s this week. Take advantage of the green wave by saving 10% off on all remanufactured and compatible ink and toner cartridges.

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Why recycling is so important during festivities? Usually a festivity brings along a celebration and every party brings along a lot of extra “garbage” that most could be recycled if we take precautions beforehand in the party preparation stages. As you know we focus on the printing and printer accessories part of life.

Recycling is a lifestyle and it should be done before, during and after any festivity the following are some steps to be green and save.

1. Turn your computer off when not in use.

2. Turn your printer off when not in use.

3. Buy bulk products to reduce waste produced by excess packaging.

4. Plan you printing – Invitations, shopping list, maps etc.

5. Recycle paper and make phone message pads.

6. Print with remanufactured or compatible cartridges.

7. Recycle invitations, cards and post cards and used them for scrap booking or other craft ideas.

8. Make a party list and print coupons to save before the party

9. Recycle any plastic you might have used such as cups, plates, decorations etc.

10. Make eco-friendly party decorations and gifts

Recycling and reusing must be on everyone’s agenda by now and it is very important for printer manufacturers to provide consumers with innovative and practical ways to be able to recycle their cartridges. Most original ink and toner brands such as HP, Brother and Lexmark have recycling options for their original cartridges.

Obviously it is wise to note that recycling for them is not all for the love of the environment. They have a great deal to gain from recycling their own cartridges in many ways. But regardless of that the not so altruistic motive does help to keep a green stand on printing accessories so be it.

Keep reading about recycling from our article archive and have a wonderful and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

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